Every Journey Begins With the First Step…or so they say

This is the post excerpt.


Promises, they say, are made to be broken. With every passing birthday, I’ve been promising myself I’d start writing regularly, with intent, and with passion. So far, that’s been a promise deferred, if not quite broken.

One day though, you wake up, and realize that that’s 60 staring you in the eye. Aging, I’ve always thought, is nothing more than a heightened awareness of time passing. Still, it bears paying attention to. And so here I am. Trying to keep the promise to myself.

It’s been a funny old life, as they say. And a very meandering path that’s gotten me to this point. But I am a very firm believer that everything happens for a reason. So while not all of it’s been great, or even good, it has all been necessary. No regrets, no looking back except to understand the road ahead.

So this blog is going to be about a bit of a lot of things. Life stuff, animal stuff, maybe a bit of funny stuff, probably some sad stuff….depends on where the day takes me. I’m writing it for myself, but if you want to walk along, I’m happy to have the company.

Perhaps what really got me going is that three months ago, my life took another major turn in the path. A new job in a new town, although still in my beloved Nova Scotia. It is, in many respects, my dream job. The culmination of all my careers. And hopefully it will be the job I retire from (assuming I ever get to do that…as they say, I’ll probably have to work til lunch on the day of my funeral. But what can you do?).

Still, a new town where you know no one is a daunting prospect at this point in life. And I’m finding that it’s bringing up old feelings from the very beginnings of my adulthood. Life tends to be a spiral, I think. Many twists which somehow bring you back to where you were, but with a deeper understanding of where you are, and how you can move forward.

Hopefully this will be the case here.

Many years ago, I wrote a long extended poem called “Always Coming Home.” It pretty much sums up how I’m feeling now. So if you’ll indulge me, here it is.

Always Coming Home

As you can see, time makes liars of us all.